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Are you concerned about large scale solar applications in NI?



  • Industrialisation of the Countryside


  • 3m high structures and security fencing over land, visible for miles


  • Negative impact on families and communities  


  • Degradation of NI's natural environment 


  • Negative impact on wildlife



Large scale Solar Northern Ireland
Ground mounted solar example

This scale model was created by Mr M McMullan a local resident who has serious concerns regarding the proposal of a Large Scale Solar application in the Kells area. All the dots in red highlight concerned residents living in close proximity of the development. 



KellsVOCAL represents over 60 households in the Kells area  (including farmers and non-farming rural dwellers) which will be affected by a large scale solar power station proposed for the Kells area.


The proposal is for a 50MW development which will cover 250 acres of open countryside, measures approximately 1.2 miles from end to end and is the equivalent of twenty Junction One Shopping Centres. 


If approved, it will be the largest in the UK but unlike other large scale solar installations in the UK this is not to be sited on a disused airfield (as in the English examples), this will be in the open countryside in a highly populated area.


Whilst we embrace renewable technologies in principal, their integration into our environment has to be done with forethought and care so that this sort of random opportunism does not prevail.



Map showing 250 acres of proposed ground mounted solar near Kells

Site Layout Map highlighting the scale of this development from Elgin Energy. 

This photo is to scale showing the proposed size of the solar farm (outlined in blue). It is twice the size of the local twin village of Kells & Connor (outlined in red). How can this be acceptable.

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